10:1 Attenuator

With high bandwidth and fault-protection, the 10:1 attenuator has been designed to allow fuel injector and primary ignition waveforms to be measured using PicoScope oscilloscopes.

The TA197 is a passive 10:1 attenuator. This means that a 10 V signal at its input will appear as a 1 V signal on the output. The TA197 allows voltages of up to 400 V to be measured. Note the TA917 attenuator is designed for ground referenced signals only as it only attenuates the signal path and not the ground path.

The TA197 attenuator also increases the input impedance of the oscilloscope from 1 MΩ to 8 MΩ and can also be used when measuring the output of high-impedance sensors such as piezo knock sensors where connecting an automotive scope can attenuate the signal or induce a fault code.

Note : When using a PicoScope 4225 or 4425 oscilloscope the attenuator is not normally needed for measuring injectors as the voltage spike is usually under 200 V.  It will be required however when using older generations of PicoScopes which only measure to 50 V or 100 V.  The 10:1 attenuator is an improved version of the 20:1 attenuator previously available from Pico.


Attenuation 10:1
Input impedance 8 MΩ 
Input capacitance 27 pF
Bandwidth 20 MHz
(–3 dB)
Max. input 400 V

Safety Precautions

The TA197 is designed for measuring automotive signals such as fuel injector and primary ignition voltages (nominally 6, 12 or 24 volts). This attenuator must not be used to measure mains voltages, secondary ignition or other hazardous voltages.

Fuel injector and primary ignition signals contain short duration high voltage spikes “inductive kicks”. We therefore recommend the use of two ground connections between the oscilloscope and the vehicle under test. One ground connection is made using the measurement test lead. A second ground lead should be connected between one of the BNC connectors on the oscilloscope and a secure ground point on the vehicle such as the negative terminal of the battery. Misconfiguration and/or failure to follow these warnings may cause damage to the product and/or computer and could cause injury to yourself or others.

Customer reviews

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dennis vandruff
10:1 Attenuator

Another product that comes in Pico Scope kits. These are a must for protecting your scope.
The last thing I want to be without is my scope. so in order to protect it from voltage overload
I use an attenuator anytime the voltage I’m testing is over 200v. Check your scope for max voltage
range(as these differ) Also, when I need something so important- I want to use top of the line. I will not
trust any Chinese or generic attenuator to protect my investment.

Robert Burgy
10:1 Attenuator

These 10:1 attenuators work just as well as the 20:1 do.
If you value your Pico scope as i do, you need these to protect
it!! They work as well as all Pico products.

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