Connector breakout lead kit B

This kit includes Pico connector breakout leads for four of the more common connectors used on Volkswagen, AUDI and other manufacturers' engines.

This kit contains:

  • TA190 2-pin ACS breakout lead
  • TA191 3-pin Kostal breakout lead
  • TA194 2-pin Kostal breakout lead
  • TA267 3-pin AMP superseal breakout lead
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Connector breakout leads

The Pico connector breakout leads enable you to take voltage readings from numerous sensors and actuators around the engine. Simply connect the breakout lead into the existing cable loom, and then take the output signal from the 4 mm banana plugs to the automotive oscilloscope using one of the TA125 to TA128 premium test leads.

The breakout cable gives access to the individual wires to allow probing with current clamps, allowing, for example, both injector current and injector voltage to be captured.

Please note: the test lead is required to convert the 4 mm banana plug connection on the connector breakout leads to a BNC connector suitable for plugging into the PicoScope.

Connecting the breakout leads

Please read these instructions before using the connector breakout leads.

The signal pins must be identified using wiring diagrams or other means.

Regardless of the number of pins, Pico connector breakout lead colours are manufactured as follows:

  • Pin 1 - Green
  • Pin 2 - Red
  • Pin 3 - Blue
  • Pin 4 - Yellow
  • Pin 5 - White
  • Pin 6 - Black

It may be possible to cause a short circuit to the oscilloscope unit if incorrect connections are made! A short circuit could seriously damage the unit, and would require it to be repaired at your own cost.

Accessories for the Connector breakout lead kit B

Product Price Quantity
Foam tray for breakout leads and fuse extensions

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Michael John Eilbracht
Connector breakout lead kit B

These breakout leads are coming in handy.  I purchased a Acs 2 pin breakout from Autonerdz to hook up to a dosing valve on a Cummins ISL 9 Engine in a Transit bus.  This makes it very easy for me to get captures of the Valve Current, Voltage, and ground.  Thank you!  In fact keep these breakout leads coming!  I want to see more for the HD side please.

Autonerdz Member Busjockey

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