PicoBNC+ wide-range linear temperature probe

The TA395 is a linear temperature lead measuring in the range -40°C to 125°C to cover all common automotive and off-highway applications. The temperature sensor is enclosed in a 5mm stainless steel housing to provide contact and airflow measurement. This accessory is only available for PicoBNC+ and will not work with older PicoScope models.

Typical applications:

Engine  Typically +20 to +120 deg C
Heated seats                                                       Typically  -10 to   +40 deg C
Car heaters Typically   +0 to    +50 deg C

The specification of the TA395 is

Attribute Published specification
Combined length of lead and probe 2.85 m
Maximum voltage and CAT ratings +-30V ref PC Ground, not CAT rated
Hardware Resolution 0.5 deg C
Measuring units Deg C and Deg F
IP rating Sensor plus 1st meter of cable sealed to the  equivalent of IP67
Measuring range -40 to 125 deg C
Calibration / zero offset requirements On start up
In stock. Available for despatch.
£99.00 TA395

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