The new PicoScope Automotive App
by Jon Parker

Oscilloscope-based diagnostics is very much a hot topic at the moment, but what is it and is it within reach of all technicians? Surely, there has to be more to it than just looking at the wavy lines on the screen, working some magic on the controls and announcing the defective part with a flourish. Well, it is actually the combination of knowledge, good information and practice that generates a successful diagnosis. A good tool is, of course, essential but is only as good as the person using it.

Having spent more than twenty years improving the PicoScope product, including extensive guidance and information for technicians, Pico Technology has released an app for Android and iPhone. With this app, every technician can learn about oscilloscopes, what they do, how to use them, and how they can benefit them and their businesses.

The PicoScope Automotive App builds on the experience of the Pico engineers and the steady feedback from users, resulting in a tool that brings insight and information to technicians at all levels. From those just wanting to investigate oscilloscopes through new users. It even offers valuable resources to the most experienced master technician.

This tool reveals the techniques used by the experts and shows how every technician can use the proven steps and techniques to eliminate guesswork and reveal the root cause. The app shows how the scan tool is often only the starting point in discovering the problem and how oscilloscopes can be used to verify repairs and adjustments. This provides valuable proof of work for the customers.

The PicoScope App – your diagnostic journey is designed with new users in mind. To help them get to grips with working with PicoScope as the ideal training companion, to develop skills from basic levels through to intermediate levels.

From a new user's perspective, we have an entire section devoted to understanding Oscilloscope Diagnostics: What is PicoScope? This section takes you through the basics of working with PicoScope, including showing where it fits into the diagnostic process, how to get to grips with viewing waveforms and what makes PicoScope the world’s leading automotive diagnostic oscilloscope.

We then show you the practical advantages of using a scope in the diagnostic process, by providing Real-life applications and case studies that share the secrets of quick and accurate diagnosis.

Another great advantage of our app is the new content that we’ve created specifically for the app, including animations that bring the whole experience to life. They take you deep into the diagnostics and give you the ability to see the relationships between the real-time operation of components and the waveforms they create.

Training Videos
We also include a step by step set of training videos to help take you through everything Pico. These include where to download our latest software, getting your PicoScope set up and, of course, guidance from our Automotive technicians on capturing waveforms from a wide range of vehicle components.

There is also information about analysing waveforms, which is arguably the most valuable skill for a PicoScope technician to learn. We show you just how much information you will have access to with PicoScope by your side. You can find waveform notes in each of our 150+ Guided tests, access to over 6000 waveforms in our waveform library and hints and tips of more information to aid your diagnostic process.

To find out more, download our free app today in the App Store or Google Play and start your PicoScope diagnostic journey. 

Remember that it is always best to #testnotguess.


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