An image showing the PicoScope 7 Automotive Vehicle details icon.

Vehicle details

What it does

All the details you need to identify a vehicle can be entered into Vehicle details. The details can then be stored when you save your waveforms to a PicoScope data (psdata) file or upload them to the Waveform Library.

How it can help you

Often, it is critical that you have the correct reference waveforms for your vehicle, otherwise you may have no way of telling good from bad and diagnosing a fault. Furthermore, as you (and other Waveform Library users) build your waveform collection over time, it can be difficult to look back and know which waveforms came from which vehicle so your saved waveforms can become less useful as a reference tool. Vehicle details solves this problem: By completing the Vehicle details dialog prior to testing a vehicle, you will automatically have the reference vehicle information available when you come to save or upload your captured waveforms.

The vehicle information stored in uploaded files is also used by the Waveform Library to identify suitable reference waveforms when you (or others) use the search tool to find them.

How to use it

Click the Vehicle details icon, enter as much identifying information as you have available and click OK.

An animation showing how to use Vehicle details in PicoScope 7 Automotive.