Reference waveforms

What it does

You can create duplicates of any recently captured or loaded waveform, in any scope or spectrum view, using Reference waveforms. The duplicated waveforms remain fixed on-screen as a reference against which you can compare your captured waveforms. 

How it can help you

It is much easier to compare two waveforms when they are side-by-side on the same screen. Reference waveforms help you to easily and instantly compare your captured waveforms against a reference waveform of your choice and decide whether they are as you would expect.

How to use it

With your chosen waveform in your active view, click on the More… icon to open the More… panel and then click on the Reference waveforms icon to open the Reference waveforms panel.

Create the reference waveform by clicking the letter of the channel that is showing the waveform you want to duplicate. Alternatively, click File to select a previously saved reference waveform (.psreference) file from a location on your PC. You will see that a new reference waveform button has been added under the channel options lozenges.

Use the controls in the Manage section of the Reference waveforms panel to choose the reference waveform’s name, colour, scale, offset or delay.

To edit or save a current reference waveform, click on its reference waveform button. The Reference waveforms panel will open and under Manage you can edit, remove or save your duplicated waveform

To save your reference waveform, click Save and select the desired location on your PC.