Automotive Jargon Buster

ABS anti-lock braking system
AC alternating current
A/C air conditioning
A/D analog-to-digital
ADC analog-to-digital converter
AFM air flow meter
AFR air/fuel ratio (sensor)
AFS air flow sensor
APS atmospheric pressure sensor
ATDC after top dead center
ATF automatic transmission fluid
ATS air temperature sensor
AWD all wheel drive
BA brake assist
BC body computer
BCM body control module
BDC bottom dead center
BHP brake horsepower
BOB breakout box
BPP brake pedal position
BPS back pressure sensor
BSI built-in system interface (PSA)
BTDC before top dead center
CAN controller area network
CAS crank angle sensor
CAS car access system (BMW term)
CARB California Air Resources Board
CB circuit breaker
CCO catalytic converter for oxidation
CDI capacitor discharge ignition
CFI central fuel injection
CFI continuous fuel injection
CHA channel A (of scope)
CHB channel B (of scope)
CHC channel C (of scope)
CHD channel D (of scope)
CHT cylinder head temperature sensor
CID cylinder identification
CKP crankshaft position (sensor)
CMP camshaft position (sensor)
CO carbon monoxide
COP coil-on-plug
CPC coil per cylinder
CPP clutch pedal position
CPS combustion pressure sensor
CPS crankshaft position sensor
CRD common-rail diesel
CTS coolant temperature sensor
CVVL continuous variable valve lift
dB decibels
DC direct current
DI direct injection
DIS distributorless ignition system
DLC diagnostic link connector
DLI distributorless ignition
DOHC double overhead camshaft
DOT department of transport (USA)
DPF diesel particulate filter
DPFE differential pressure feedback electronic system (Ford term)
DSG direct shift gearbox
DSO digital storage oscilloscope
DTC diagnostic trouble code
EAC electronic accelerator control
EBCM electronic brake control module
EBM electronic body module
ECD electronically controlled diesel
ECM engine control module, or electronic control module
ECT electronically controlled automatic transmission
ECU electronic control unit
EDIC electronic diesel injection control
EDIS electronic distributorless ignition system
EDL electronic differential lock
EDU electronic driver unit
EGO exhaust gas oxygen
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EGS electronic gearbox control
EI electronic ignition
EMF electromotive force
EML elektronische motorleistungsregelung (electronic throttle control - BMW term)
EOBD European on-board diagnostics
EPS electronic power steering
ESP electronic stability program
ESPS eccentric shaft position sensor
ETC electronic throttle control
ETCS-I electronic throttle control system - intelligent
EV electric vehicle
EV-RE electric vehicle with range extender
EVAP evaporative emission control
EVR electronic vacuum regulator (Ford term)
FFT fast fourier transform
FI fuel injection
FT fuel trim
FTS fuel temperature sensor
FWD front wheel drive
GDI gasoline direct injection
HBA hydraulic brake assist
HC hydrocarbon
HDI high-pressure diesel injection
HEGO heated exhaust gas oxygen (sensor)
HEV hybrid electric vehicle
HGV heavy goods vehicle (UK term for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes)
HID high intensity discharge (headlight)
HT high tension
HVAC heating, ventilation and cooling
Hz hertz (cycles per second)
I-BUS instrumentation bus
IAC idle air control
IAT intake air temperature
IATS intake air temperature sensor
ICM ignition control module
IDI indirect injection
IDS integrated diagnostic system (Ford’s diagnostic system)
IMI Institute of the Motor Industry
IMRC intake manifold runner control
ISC idle speed control
ISCV idle speed control valve
K-CAN body CAN-bus
KAM keep alive memory
kHz kilohertz (1,000 cycles per second)
KOEC key on, engine cranking
KOEO key on, engine off
KOER key on, engine running
KS knock sensor
kV kilovolt (1,000 volts)
LFTRIM long-term fuel trim
LH left-hand
LIN local interconnect network
LNG liquefied natural gas
LPG liquefied petroleum gas
LT low tension
MAF mass air flow
MAP manifold absolute pressure
MFI multi-port fuel injection
MHz megahertz (1,000,000 cycles per second)
MIL malfunction indicator light
MOT Ministry of Transport (UK roadworthiness test)
MPI multi-point injection
MRS multiple restraint system
NOP needle opening pressure
NTC negative temperature coefficient
O2 oxygen
OBD on-board diagnostics
OE original equipment
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OHC overhead camshaft
OHV overhead valve
PAIR pulsed secondary air injection
PAM parking aid module
PAS power assisted steering
PATS passive anti-theft system
PCM powertrain control module
PCO PC oscilloscope
PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
PID Parameter ID (OBD-II)
PIP profile ignition pickup (Ford term)
PPE personal protection equipment
PPS progressive power steering
psi pounds force per square inch
PSV passenger service vehicle
PT-CAN powertrain CAN
PTC positive temperature coefficient
PSP power steering pressure
PSPS power steering pressure switch
PWM pulse width modulation
RH right-hand
RFI radio frequency interference
RMS root mean squared
RPM revolutions per minute
RSS road speed sensor
RWD rear wheel drive
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAW spark advance word (Ford term)
SC supercharger
SFTRIM short-term fuel trim
SMG sequential manual gearbox
SOC state of charge
SOHC single overhead camshaft
SPI single point injection
SRM speech-recognition module
STFT short term fuel trim
SUV sports utility vehicle
TBI throttle body injection
TC turbocharger
TCM transmission control module
TCU transmission control unit
TD turbocharged diesel
TDC top dead centre
TDI turbocharged direct injection
TPP throttle position potentiometer
TPMS tyre pressure monitoring sensor
TPS throttle position sensor
TWC three-way catalyst
USB Universal Serial Bus
VAG Volkswagen–Audi group
VAN vehicle area network
VANOS variable valve timing control (BMW term)
VCDS VAG-COM diagnostic system
VCI Vehicle communication interface
VCM vehicle control module
VIN vehicle identification number
VPS variable power steering
VR variable reluctance
VSC vehicle stability control
VSS vehicle speed sensor
VVC variable valve control
VVT variable valve timing
VVT-I variable valve timing — intelligent
WOT wide-open throttle
WSS wheel speed sensor