Uploading new forms to the library

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Uploading new forms to the library

Post by michael.iskander »

Hello All

I am trying to upload recorded waveforms to the library but the library section named "my waveforms" shows as empty.

Are the recordings somehow being checked before it is uploaded or am I using it incorrectly, specially that after saving and uploading my recordings, i receive a notification that it is now uploaded.

1- I am new to the picoscope and possibly it is all a silly user mistake from my end
2- I am using PicoScope 7 Automotive early access version:

Thanks in advance for your responses and support!

Screenshot 2022-01-13 152128.jpg

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Re: Uploading new forms to the library

Post by liviu2004 »

Wait a day.

Steve Smith
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Re: Uploading new forms to the library

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and thank you for the posts

As Liviu as indicated, waveforms uploaded to the reference waveform library (RWL) using PS7 will not be available for immediate view (using PS7) given the overnight “Copy” feature described here https://www.picoauto.com/news/news-arti ... s-changing

You can view them immediately using PS6 if required but this will change

Rest assured you are not making any mistakes and I hope the link above will help clarify your concerns

Take care……Steve

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