defender td5 black smoke

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defender td5 black smoke

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The problem with this car is that at idle it smokes and is erratic, as you can see from the video

The menstre owner was running, he felt the loss of power and from there he started making this defect

I state that I'm not the first to look at it.

In diagnosis I have no errors

On this car the injectors were removed and brought to overhaul, and the injector wiring in the head was replaced but without fixing (from another workshop).

As you can see from the sampling at low revs, the stroke injectors are not controlled but then when the revs increase everything goes smoothly.

I thought of an electrical problem, I checked the wiring from the control unit to the injectors, each passing 6 amperes of current, never a voltage drop or differences

I cleaned all the connectors and checked for any damaged cables, no problem

I found a working defender and I mounted RPM SENSOR, MAP, MAF, ENGINE CONTROL UNIT. and all of my components on a working car do not give this defect

all water \ air temperature values ​​are ok

it's a simple engine, injector pump but I can't understand why I have these holes in the injector control.

here all to download

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Re: defender td5 black smoke

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Hello, check the compression pressure, pay attention to 1 cylinder compared to the others.

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