secondary ignition waveforms

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secondary ignition waveforms

Post by paullap » Tue May 14, 2019 8:11 am

Hi I am having problems with this ford KA , 1.2 same engine as the Grand Punto. it starts to misfire and spit in the inlet manifold about 2000/3000 RPM. Compression is 250 PSI on all 4 cylinders . No fault codes. no EML light. This has a 4 coil pack picture link attached and The secondary waveform on this KA looks very strange. I can only take screen pictures at this time but you should get the idea of what I mean, Links below.

These have been taken from the same cylinder one firing after each other. Scope connected to one plug lead with the secondary ignition lead with the clip around the plug wire. ( I am only a novice at this so be gentle please ) I always appreciate any help offered.

coil pack
They are all the same on all 4 cylinders.
Snap on Verus pids

The oil pressure switch pid looks strange as well.
also the throttle pedal, when I increase the RMP pedal depressed when it gets to about 2000 rpm the rpm seems to drop as if the pedal is not responding properly, I have done a sweep test and looked fine.

I have a susspition I might have a ECU problem but I need to confirm it, Also the short term fuel trim shows it is taking 100% fuel away, Very strange as the O2 sensor pre cat is switching nice 0.2/1,0 and the plugs are a nice light brown in colour when removed>
Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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Re: secondary ignition waveforms

Post by Technician » Sun Jun 02, 2019 4:10 pm

According to your VERUS data your intake system depression is very low, indicating a leak!

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