Land rover 2

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Re: Land rover 2

Post by Robski » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:12 pm

Neilcur wrote:Both your post's make a lot of sense and just show's the difference between someone with knowledge and someone without :(

I've been brought up by people who don't know anything about diagnostics, proper testing and it's hard to learn when they don't teach you or will not spend money for you to learn.

Working with Land Rover's a lot i was just trying to help but in the process i have dragged this way off topic.

To be fair i used to play parts darts and being young i didn't know any better and i just did what i was told but since getting more into diagnostics i know things have to be tested, proved with the right equipment, test plan etc to get the fix right first time!

Sorry Neil

Don't pull yourself down we all have to start somewhere, I don't see the point in silver bullets, where's the learning ?

I'm glad you've sat back & looked at the wider picture, with these kind of things i take a minute & think about cause or effect then implement a test plan to suit ;)

I was happy to throw 'hints' at the start of this thread as the OP genuinely seemed like he was not out for the proverbial bullet & wanted a known good capture to compare & move on (this could have been a long wait), or like i suggested post what he had & take a look, it would have been interesting on his next move after my comments on the pump current wf ...........

Tim mad
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Re: Land rover 2

Post by Tim mad » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:18 pm

Hello Robski, Neil and Darren.
Sorry for the slow reply, only just got in from work. Not sure where to start here after reading all that. Really appreciate all the info and thoughts on the wf's. Firstly we can all come to agreement that the fuel pump has to high current and that the rpm is to slow and the maf is out of speck? If so looks like i might be picking this up finally.

Robski like you said really need to get the actual fuel flow/pressure which i was hoping to get tonight, but as usual something else always ruins the plans. But like Neil said that does not look like fun but as you and Darren said its a necessity for the fault finding process. Darren this might be a stupid question and i'm lacking full knowledge of this system, what is the Test Procedure for this set up?

Just quickly thought i would put in that your right i'm not looking for the silver bullet ( i like that saying!) and that i just gotta learn more and i really appreciate all of your input on this problem of mine. Definitely given me alot think about.

I've Checked all the vacumes,EGR valve, MAP sensor and turbo wiring etc. But saying that before i left tonight i thought i would check the oil while i was waiting for a customer to pick there car up. The oil was as if it had come out of a fresh barrel of oil. Now i have heard that the TD5 is prone for injector seals or worse case cracking heads! Now the customer has only owned this vehicle for 2 weeks so not alot known about the history. So gonna have to take more issues into account.

Will let you all know what i find with this job!
Thank you all again for your input, its really is nice to know there are people out there willing to share there valuble knowledge with idiots like me, so thanks again!


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