K12 Nissan Micra P0132

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K12 Nissan Micra P0132

Postby Tom Parker » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:07 am

Hi There,

New to this forum but by no means new to vehicle diagnostics or infact Pico, however I am becoming slightly stumped to with this particular vehicle. Wondered whether anyone has perhaps seen this before, or heard anything about this particular fault.

P0132 Oxygen Sensor Upstream High Voltage.

Consulted with the customer after half an hours diagnostic, and fitted a lamdba sensor just to rule out a faulty sensor. Fault remained. Checked continuity between the ECU multiplug and the Lambda sensor and couldn't find any issues, however on one of the three pins for H02S1 I found a short circuit to positive, which would correspond to the fault code.

However, the voltage appears to be coming straight out the back of the ECU. Is this 2.49 volts (shown in live data and verified on a multimeter) normal? I would guess not. Would this indicate a short circuit inside the ECU?

I have contacted several ECU testing companies and no-one will touch this ECU, too new, apparently! It's a big call for me to tell the customer the vehicle needs a new ECU at COST of £900. I can't even dissassemble the ECU to have a visual check for faults on the circuitry.

Just having a google of P0132 Micra comes up with plenty of questions but unfortunately no outcomes, just a whole lot of return to dealership comments.

Anyway, any ideas anyone?
Tom Parker
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Re: K12 Nissan Micra P0132

Postby Lee » Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:25 am

Hi Tom

Just a few things ive known and come accross, may help :) ........... may not :( ..........

There were issues with these, normally replacing the Lambda Sensor corrected this. Some of these had what was called an A/R ratio sensor which is in fact a Wideband Lambda Sensor on these. How many wires does your Lamdda Sensor have, what values do you get from all pins.

From Memory around 2.5 volts on some Lamda Sensors = 14.7:1 where staggerd to 0.5V = 10.29:1 and upto 4.5V = 22.05:1. Hence the constant switch as the engine ECU cant maintain perfect operating conditions due to running parameters.

There were 'known' problems with these vehicles which had the Renault Running Gear in as the harness's used to get damaged, an ohms check on the wires from Sensor to ECU would verify this. Have you checked the power and grounds to the ECU, an incorrect voltage doesnt always mean a faulty ECU, it could be due to poor power supply or grounding and the ECU trying to power systems respectively, ive had this a lot on certain fords and vauxhalls and on a few Renaults but normally you get performance related issues too and they tend to have done a few miles.

Normally, you can check this at the DLC as the Power is usually picked up from the ECU and you have a ground from chassis and ECU, TIP: with the Can Test Box you can scope the signals checking for any irregularities.

I have seen issues with some of the ECU connectors with connectivity on the terminals, im not saying it is that but always worth a look before condemming the ECU, a dodgy ECT connection for example. Sometimes even on a newish car its not unknown for a terminal to lose contact or for the terminal plating to wear especially if its not been teminated into the connector properly.

NOTE [Found on Internet]: The American Version under went a recall to replace the heat shield as well as the Lambda Sensor as the sensor was overheating and causing it to breakdown internally. The fact you have replaced the sensor kind of eliminates this though.

What year is this vehicle, what engine is it, have you spoken to a Nissan Master Tech, usually they are quite good over the phone, could be simply a ECU recalibration or something like that but if its fairly common he may give you an idea and of course you can then do the work yourself.

I cant remember the key differences between the K11 and K12 other than facelift/model upgrade.

Hopefully someone else on here may deal with these day in day out so can pin point it a bit better for you as its been a while since ive come accross one of these.

Kind Regards

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Re: K12 Nissan Micra P0132

Postby arjen » Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:50 pm

If you remove only this particular wire from the ecu connector than you know for sure that the problem is not in te wiring or the connector.
Unfortunately I don't know if the 2.49 volts coming out of the ecu is normal on this car.
Most times the lambda wiring has an 'open voltage' of 0.45 mv. You can test if your voltage is an open or hard voltage by connecting a Led light. The open voltage must dissapear when you connect a Led. When it doesn't, the ecu is probably faulty.
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Re: K12 Nissan Micra P0132

Postby hexibot43 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:46 am


I saw this and thought it might help you out. Looks like there was good information on what to expect from sensors output line.

ok people,hgk have rung me : good service (Y), and nattered, no visual faults so sent bact to germany for burner rig testing : NO FAULTS, so next is to contact supplier to claim units back.

A piece of advise discovered in a trade magazine write up discovered by NGK: you have to replace front & rear sensors in the system, also sometimes the rear sensor can fail which nocks the front out, so by replacing sensor 2 sensor 1 now works correctly, so looks like a good idea to actually replace both sensors at the same time, which falls into a conversation i have had in the past with a nissan techy, they replace both sensors at the same time.

Just thought i would relay the info on, so just waiting on my unneeded 2x ngk original spec number sensors to be located and returned to me,added to my other unneeded items.

Cheers baz

Here's the Url of the forum


Now that is interesting. Food for thought....
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Re: K12 Nissan Micra P0132

Postby Tom Parker » Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:26 pm

Thank you all very much for your replies. Really nice to see everyone being so helpful.

It seems very much like it was the downstream sensor knocking the upstream one out. We sent the vehicle off to Nissan just to make sure we weren't just being thick, and they have fitted a genuine sensor and the fault has not returned. I know they share some of the same wiring (as per the wiring diagrams) however I wasn't really sure what would cause it.

Certainly opened my eyes up to further possiblities of O2 sensor faults. Getting my diagnostic path correct for diagnosing these faults is a skill im am yet to possess, I'm hoping to time will help! It's always a tough one for me knowing whether the Lambda is reading correctly (i.e. intake faults, fueling etc) or the lambda is genuinely faulty.

Thank you all very much for your assistance and guidance!

Tom Parker
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