how long can PicoScope record ?

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how long can PicoScope record ?

Post by eric989 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:24 am

I remember some one taught us how to caculate the total record time of PicoScope. There is still one thing I am not very sure about. So come to here to confirm.

Just make one channel in using for example:
I set timebase as 5ms/div, sample number for one screen is 1MS, capture rate is 20MS/s, Pico4423/4223 stored 31 screen waveform in its buffer, then do the math bellow:
50ms*20Ms/S=1MS, 31*1MS=31MS.
As we know the PicoScope's buffer is up to 32MS.
My question is where the rest 1MS buffer have gone? The Picoscope should capture data with block mode while timebase is 5ms/div. Do the gaps between screens occupy 1MS buffer?

Many thanks to all the guys will reply my post in advance.
Eric Chen
Hongke Technology,China

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