invaluable pico scope

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invaluable pico scope

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We had a 2005 jag 2.7 v6 diesel come in with a high rail pressure fault code this was read with ids .looking at live data with ids the rail pressure wasn't high.The vehicle would start and immediately stop with no diesel noise that you sometimes get with high rail i connected pico scope up, blue channel to rail pressure red channel to imv green channel to pressure control the fist wave form is from another vehicle we had in for service on the same day.The second is from the car that started and stopped .They both were taken with ign on engine off.

jag 2.7d correct.psdata
(1.54 MiB) Downloaded 833 times

jag 2.7d incorrect.psdata
(1.57 MiB) Downloaded 702 times

the fault was caused by a bad connection on fuse 22 in the front fuse box there was a stroke of luck involved as i was checking the fuse with the scope connected and seen the scope change you would have been hard pressed to find this
fault without a scope.mike

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Re: invaluable pico scope

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Thanks for that Mike,
It all helps! . . . Yep it's a great scope!

Regards Kev

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