ADC 212 works on usb connection?

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ADC 212 works on usb connection?

Post by demoura1963 » Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:09 pm

I have an ADC 212 unit with the serial cable and I connected to an serial to usb cable and into a usb port on my laptop,
software will not detect the unit.
Is there a driver to be installed to work or will not work at all?

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Re: ADC 212 works on usb connection?

Post by Lee » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:41 am

Dear Sir/Madam

Firstly thank you for your forum post.

There is an issue though with obtaining the specific adaptor as unfortunately not any normal adaptor will work this. You would need a Pico Technology Parallel to USB adaptor but unfortunately you can no longer purchase these through us at Pico Technology as we can no longer manufacture these adaptors because an essential integrated circuit is no longer available. Nor do we have any left for sale. You could try and purchase one through a third party i.e. a second hand one if you could source one but I must stress it has to be a Pico Technology Adaptor as the configuration is different from any normal USB to Parallel Adaptor.

If you’re Laptop, Notebook has a PCMCIA slot then you can use a PCMCIA adaptor to Parallel port. We can’t guarantee that this will work but we have tested this device with varied models and it has worked but as it has not been tested with every model on the market for obvious reasons we can’t say it will defiantly work.

Does your laptop have an Express card slot? ... 66220.html

or a PCMCIA card slot? ... 61612.html

You have to have the card plugged in when the laptop starts.

If you have a PC computer oppose to a Laptop you can also use a PCI Card to Parallel Converter. ... 89015.html

(The cards above are just for illustration, and although they work, they are just some of many available.)

Please also note that these solutions will only work with 32 Bit Windows Operating Systems. We cannot support parallel to USB converters in 64 Bit Windows Operating systems.

Finally may I suggest that if the 2 options above don’t work for you, you may want to consider upgrading your scope to a USB scope? I have attached a link to our website and the USB scopes if this would be of interest to you. ... tions.html

I hope this helps to answer your question

Kind Regards

Lee – Automotive Technical Specialist :D

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