North American Pico Distributor

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North American Pico Distributor

Postby Autonerdz » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:05 pm

My name is Tom Roberts of I have been on these forums since day one. I have been a Journeyman tech since 1980, most of that time as a diagnostic specialist. I was applying analog scopes to automotive diagnostics before there were digital scopes. My first DSO was a Fluke 97 which I used to its fullest capability. I started developing scope training for the local Automotive Service Association and soon this took me off the shop floor and I quickly became a national trainer, doing The Nerd Series classes from coast to coast here in the USA.

I founded Autonerdz at the turn of the millennium and we have enjoyed steady growth since and now have customers globally with affiliates in the US and Canada.

Alan Tong, of Pico Technology, contacted me and we began a discussing his ideas of PicoScope entering the automotive arena. I got a PicoScope 212/3 and put it through the paces and immediately saw that this was a dream come true for the automotive lab scope jockey. So, I jumped in with both feet.

Autonerdz Pioneered PicoScope for automotive in North America. We posted the first PicoScope image ever seen on The International Automotive Technician’s Network in 2001. Back then, the idea of PCs in the automotive shop environment was laughed at. No one is laughing anymore.

So, we have been working with Pico for over ten years now and never had any reason to look back. I could not have hooked up with a better group than the team here at Pico Technology. We specialize in PicoScope for automotive training and support, and lastly.. sales. We launched The Autonerdz Community Forums at the beginning of 2004 and these are now frequented by diagnostics specialists from all over the world discussing a wide range of topics.

I suppose, one of my best qualifications to be doing what I do, is that I have probably made more mistakes than anyone else. Therefore, I can teach others how to avoid them. Plus, I am making new ones all the time. :lol:
Tom Roberts
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Re: North American Pico Distributor

Postby AuthorMike » Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:18 am

Welcome aboard Tom! :mrgreen:
Mike Valentine
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