Startup Settings

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Startup Settings

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There is a lot of information on this forum and of course finding it can be tricky. Our useful links section is the best place to start of course but this is growing every day. For those new to scoping and not just in the HD and Off Highway sector, setting your Start-up Settings is a great way to get up and running with the scope.

For HD and Off Highway, the typical voltage ranges will be +-24V. I say typical as it's not always the case but if you had Channel A and Channel B already set to allow for this voltage then the setup time has been reduced. To make sure I get something on the screen, I look for more time than what is defaulted by Pico when you first install the software. For 24V systems I aim for the 50/500 rule which will allow me to have +-50V on a channel with 500ms/div across the screen. This will put the scope into streaming mode and you will see the waveform move from left to right as it fills the buffer. For 12V systems I simple drop it down to 20/200, so +-20V and 200ms/div.

I appreciate everyone is different but I thought I would share my settings when first approaching a diagnostic job. I have attached the 50/500 startup settings which if you load the file into the PS6 you can then save these as your default settings by clicking File > Start-up Settings> Save User Default Settings.
Start up settings.jpg
Every time you now open PS6 software, or click the home icon, it will open or revert to these settings. Currently saving startup settings isn't available in PS7 but just by opening the file, the software will carry out the setup for you. Of course if you find this doesn't work for your application then find the settings that do and click the Save User Default Settings option and these will now become your default.

I hope this helps

Kind regards

Startup settings.pssettings
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Re: Startup Settings

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Thanks for this mate

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