Picoscope For Marine (outboard & sterndrive) Use

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Picoscope For Marine (outboard & sterndrive) Use

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I am looking into the possibility of using the PicoScope for marine diagnostics on outboard and sterndrive boats. Some of the motors have more modern systems like automobiles, however a lot of them have distributor systems, carburetors, and more simple, or in some cases more complicated ignition systems etc.

My question at this point is, are any of you finding the Pico useful for these scenarios, or am I barking up the wrong tree? The automotive software obviously has specific tests and waveforms for automotive diagnostics, but would there be waveforms available for some of these systems as well? (Trigger / CDI ignition etc.)
Thank you in advance.

Steve Smith
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Re: Picoscope For Marine (outboard & sterndrive) Use

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Hello and thank you for the post

Most certainly an Automotive PicoScope will be ideal for your Marine application as with other industries such as HGV, Industrial and Agricultural

Regardless of the style of ignition system or on-board circuitry, the scope can be applied to measure voltage, current, pressure, flow, vibration or sound which will cover not only “typical” measurements, but also your personalized custom measurements thanks to the adaption of probes and software

The waveform library here is another invaluable feature that will not only allow you to upload and save your waveforms in a cloud-based storage facility, but will also allow you to down load and view waveforms saved by other PicoScope users. In particular I am thinking about Motorcycle CDI ignition waveforms which you can use for guidance/ comparison

Our Guided Tests are under constant development and we intend to have a CDI Guided Test available in the near future which I hope will be relevant to your proposed ignition tests

I hope some of the above helps and if you have any further questions or wish to clarify any of the points above please feedback when you can

Take care……Steve

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