4425 does it support AWG

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4425 does it support AWG

Postby RYM6746 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:02 am

Hi all, Quick question does the 4425 support the arbitrary waveform generator? I have this capability on the bosch FSA 500 and found it very useful. Just thinking you could get a known good signal, inject into the suspect faulty circuit and check wiring integrity and ECU response. e.g good ABS sensor signal from one WSS, copy, save and inject it straight into suspect faulty circuit on another WSS confirming wiring and ECU response.
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Re: 4425 does it support AWG

Postby Tronic » Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:02 pm

Sadly I do not think so as there is no output port for any kind of function generator, but there are other Pico models like for instance the 2000 and 5000 series that has. The only way would be, for a scope like yours, if one of the channel inputs where switchable between the front-end of the scope and an internal AWG. There are however quite a big number of AWG's out there which are not that pricey. I have a Rigol DG4102 myself, but have never played with any automotive waveforms since it is bench generator and used solely for other things. I am planning to buy a AWG that will do the job in same way as you wish, but that will not happen before next year when we have a fresh budget.

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