Polo 1.4 P0134

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Polo 1.4 P0134

Post by Droidkiller » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:17 am

Hi all,I have Vw Polo 1.4 AUD engine code with 4 month old Bosch wideband pre-cat sensor,and P0134,O2 sencor circuit Bank1 Sensor 1 no activity detected DTC.
Response time is too big,or what can be the problem?
Thanks for help.
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Re: Polo 1.4 P0134

Post by STC » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:14 am

The fault code is telling you that despite its efforts to increase and decrease injector durations, ie. run the engine rich / lean / rich / lean .... .. .... the sensor is not reacting as expected, that could be as simple as an exhaust leak. So basics first !

Then use your scan tool, OBD will, do to look at the sensor reaction (lambda value) as you force it rich then lean? You should be able to make it Dance on Demand !

As long as your wiring is intact that will probably need a new 02 sensor, only you will know how certain you want to be before throwing one at it

Can you quote STFT, LTFT, Lambda at Idle, 1500 rpm, 2500rpm preferably graphed in OBD with engine at temperature.

Have you seen this, https://www.picoauto.com/library/traini ... gen-sensor ?

Have you measured the calibration resistor ? How long, from cold, does it take to reach Closed Loop ?

You would gain lots more diagnostic value measuring Heater Current rather than Command Voltage, both would be ideal if more channels were available (just in case Pico are listening)

If you are testing at the O2 then you wont know if the signal is reaching the ECU

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