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PICO 3423

Post by NickUK » Tue May 03, 2005 7:40 pm


I am a very happy owner of the 212/3 model and have considered it a good investment both on a personal gain level and a finacial gian level.

When i first heard of the Picoscope 4 channel I looked forward to it's arrival while thinking of the benifits it would bring for me professionally.

I read in your recent newsletter that you are offering an upgrade kit at a less price than a full kit. For existing owners of a Pico unit this is obviously good news. But if i read your article right (applogies if i haven't), your upgrade kit would mean we now own TWO Pico units - rendering the first purchase obselete because the new better equiped model would naturally take all the diagnostic work. And if the first purchase isnt making money, then it's loosing money and value whilst being redundant. I'm sure i'm not alone in recognising this.

Are you making any provision for an "exchange" scheme prehaps? Old for new.

A purchase for a product like this for us independant Techs has to be viewed as an investment. Our customers might think we live in castles high on hills, but the reality is very different.

Making another purchase isnt the problem, it the thought of owning two Pico units and only ever using one. I really cant think of a single instance where the 212/3 model would ever be in preference over the 3423. I'm not in a position to throw money away so i cant leave it shelved.

As i said at the start, I am a very happy owner of the 212/3 model and praise it when given the oppertunity.

Best regards,


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Post by ricardo » Wed May 04, 2005 10:39 am

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your enquiry. As you know we are offering the upgrade kit so that our existing customers can have the new 4 channel scope at a discounted price.

Officially we do not have an exchange scheme, but on an individual basis depending on the circumstances we may be able to help you out. If you contact me directly by phone or email we can discuss this further.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Paloschi
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Keeping the 212/3

Post by Autonerdz » Wed May 04, 2005 3:54 pm

Hi Nick,

Good to see you here. I can relate to your concerns. I also have an upgrade kit available and some have taken advantage of that. One 212/50 user put it this way:

"I absolutely love mt 212/50 but I also want the four channel. The cost is no more than I would spend upgrading one of my scanners."

He just got his Powermaster Kit earlier this year.

Remember also that the 3423 has no signal generator. Some are using this function to test PCM circuits. One croup member used that function to verify the integrity if a flex fuel sensor which uses a frequency based signal to indicate fuel alcohol content. He fed a set frequency to the PCM and verified that the PCM and related circuitry was good and replaced the sensor.
Tom Roberts
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Carl Grotti
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Post by Carl Grotti » Thu May 05, 2005 4:35 am

Hi Nick,

I will keep the 212/3 that I have mainly for the signal generator. As Tom pointed out, this is useful for simulating PCM inputs.

Be aware of normal signal bursts that show up on your scanner. This is not a streaming input, however, it will allow you to verify circuit integrity.


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