Waveform Library - wishlist ideas/possible improvements

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Waveform Library - wishlist ideas/possible improvements

Post by FioranoCars » Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:21 am

Hi Mike / Steve & Pico Staff

following on from a recent post, I requested a couple of features to be considered for improving the Waveform Library Browser ...
I have been into the waveform library this morning, no issues, although not to upload, which I assume was your problem, I was downloading.

A couple of things, for the Pico Staff (Mike/Steve?) within the waveform browser, some possible improvements :D :
1. once you select a vehicle make, you can no longer search all makes, you must select one. You need to close the browser and restart. It would be nice to go back to "wildcard" search. In fact same thing for other fields, like ECU make ...
2. Be good to be able to search key words from the notes field too.
And doing a search today, realised there are a few more I could add :shock:
3. Remember login (seems the scope must be attached and most PC's have login screens ...) and to create a Pico Forum login is free anyway, there no need to prevent a "remember me" tick box...
4. The ability to right click or otherwise "save to disk" a waveform, rather than open it directly ... the interface is a little clunky and not being able to save to a user specified directly means it's hard to quickly download a couple of results from 1 search and a few from another to then check them out ... be nice to just save them directly.
5. Wildcards - things like ECU model ... So ME*17* for MED and MEV 17.xxx especially as it's a free form field so spaces and other bits can impact results. So * and ? for multiple and single character wildcards would be good.
6. A tick box to include "" / Null's - so if ECU make field is blank, add them to results even though search was for Bosch, this is especially true for generation, gearbox. (so the SQL would just tack an OR statement into the query), quite simple to achieve.
7. Capacity have a range feature like the year (ie 1000-2100), cylinders too 6-12
8. Multi select for model field would be nice :D
9. ... Ok, I'll let someone else have a go

I hope this might stimulate some discussion on the incredible and powerful feature that the Waveform Library offers us, and hope ideas to make it more useable and useful only re-enforce the great tool.

Richard Lukins

Pico Staff Member
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Re: Waveform Library - wishlist ideas/possible improvements

Post by PicoMike » Mon Nov 28, 2016 10:52 am

Hi Richard,

Many thanks for these thoughts. I'll forward the thread on to our development team where they will discuss the options at the next review.

Thanks again for voicing your thoughts,
Mike Valentine
Direct Sales Manager: Pico Technology

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