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Post by emmbassey » Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:34 pm

I Am the principal of a technical college . I want to find out if Pico auto will be appropriate for training our auto mechanic students.

How can I get adequate training to be able to train others.

Pls more information as regards benefits to our school will be appreciated.


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Post by PhilS » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:20 am

Hi embassey,

firstly welcome to the Pico forum and thanks for your post.

If you would like to contact me via email (, I will be happy to advise with the best option for your particular college.

PicoScope is incredibly popular both with training schools and with technicians (both independents and authorised repairers). The reasons for the popularity are twofold really - first is the fact that the tool itself is designed to make it quicker and easier to find, diagnose and verify the fix for a whole range of problems from battery drain, through poor starting, misfire to complex problems with communications buses like CAN. That is a combination of performance, features and built-in assistance from the help system, guided tests and a massive waveform library.

The second reason is that the inbuilt support, and resources online at the Pico website ( help with the understanding of the system being viewed, what to expect, some technical information, a setup for the scope and comparison waveforms. This is particularly valuable for those new to the use of scopes or component and system level diagnosis on cars.

If you look for example at the guided test for Multi-COP ignition, you can see how that information helps with understanding (or remembering for those who haven't tackled that area for a while), how the system works and the key signal characteristics. ... -secondary

Finally just to cover training, we have recently completed the development of our 5-step training program that is available through selected trainers and distributors. We will be adding details to the website this week, but step 1 is a simple introduction to the use of scopes and should be a great resource for you: ... ostics.pdf
We can support you in adopting the Pico course within your college, so please do email me for more information.

Best regards

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Post by STC » Tue Sep 06, 2016 8:54 pm

I want to find out if Pico auto will be appropriate for training our auto mechanic students.
An absolute breath of fresh air that you, a mentor of our youngsters and future diagnosticians have asked that question, for sure you are thinking outside of the box ? Our trade has such a bad name for sure due to a lack of trainers, careers advisors with your inquisitive attitude.

It has always been the case that the Bright Students, that could absorb Physics, Mathematical theory and a half Grasp of Chemistry should go to University and those that were built differently could lead a successful existence as Mechanics, Builders etc.

How many can explain what happens a centimetre before the thermal expansion valve and a centimetre after it in an AC system. Its Magic unless you can sack your human logic and grasp it.

The modern day car is designed and engineered by those that went to University and got a BSc and more! It takes a technician equal to him to spot a hardware fault but a technician with an MSc or Phd to point out his software error. Then Pull rank and make him see the error of his ways ? I Dream !

Absolutely delighted that PhilS is on board with you. Hope your effort does see the light of day.

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Post by emmbassey » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:20 pm

@ PhilS and STc,
Thanks guys, with your comments I Am sure Pico Scope will be a big help in our quest to help a lot of youngsters out of the street.
However I wish to state that I am completely a novice as regards auto diagnostics and not easy to find anybody in my city Calabar, Nigeria that will be able to help.
I will email philS after my presentation to our school board.
Thanks again.

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