Polo 1,2 3-Cyl. 2006 BMD - Cylinder drops out

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Re: Polo 1,2 3-Cyl. 2006 BMD - Cylinder drops out

Postby victor2k » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:14 pm

terbo wrote:Today i took some waveforms at different RPMs,
from Cyl. 1 (no misfires) and Cyl.2 (shutting off).

Maybe anyone sees a cause - i don´t.

If i messure peak to peak, then i get always only half of the real rpm
in the bottom right corner from the Pico-SOftware, is that normal ?

The peak pressure in cylinder must be at 15,7 bar(this is a calculated value for the compression ratio 10,3 and specific heat ratio 1,3) without ignition...
And yes is normal to get only a half of real RPM because from peak to peak the crank shaft have 720*(2 complete rotations).
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