Volvo V70 R - 2003 - Fuel Pressure Fault

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Re: Volvo V70 R - 2003 - Fuel Pressure Fault

Post by volrem » Sat Aug 27, 2016 4:40 pm


I have never used KTS so I'm not familiar with this tool. OE scanner reads out VIN and selects correct profile. And then communication is selected to mach read out diagnostic ID of each module. So I don't know what version in KTS is correct.

Your model year is 2004 (position 10 in VIN code).

09/2004 would be already model year 2005 and this would not work. Till 2004 this car had 250 kbit High Speed CAN network and from 2005 there is 500 kbit High Speed CAN network.

If Bosch won't display these PIDs then I would suggest using different tool. Not sure but perhaps EOBD would display pressure at least.

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