EGR voltage multimeter

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Re: EGR voltage multimeter

Post by Dcunning35 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:16 am

Wiring for dv6 egr is as bellow
Pin 1 ref voltage to position sensor
Pin 5 ref ground for position sensor
Pin 6 position signal ,so approx 0.5v at rest valve closed
Pin 3 motor switched ground status 91s this is pwm
Pin 4 motor supply ,battery voltage

Etis shows a resistance value for valve motor of 3-6ohms

You can either use scan tool to actuate motor and check for plausabilty of position sensor
Check load in circuit to motor by using 21w bulb isolating pcm and powering circuit independently from pcm side ,you can now volt drop wiring and check for any undue load
Stc made a very valid point earlier about making sure the postion sensor signal is correct as pcm will disable actuation if position hasn't change after a period of time to prevent pcm burning out .

This is probably too late but I haven't gad reply from pm so I had a look any way

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