Beta 6.12.1 - Bugs / Requests

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Beta 6.12.1 - Bugs / Requests

Post by FioranoCars » Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:31 pm

Using the Diagnostics within the current beta (6.12.1), full version info:
Version: 1.9.0 build 1691
ps3000.dll (
ps4000.dll (
ps4000a.dll (

Doing a test on a Ferrari 348, V8 3.4 10.8:1 compression using the WPS500X, in cylinder 5

When captured the labels for cylinder numbers are not rendered properly:
compression test labels2.png
labels off screen
If you select RAW Data, you get colour, but both scales in volts, not pressure for WPS500X
compression test labels.png
Colour, both scales in volts
if you click the bottom RH box, you get RAW in black and white! and it does not respect preferences in setup. But you get pressures!
compression test black and white.png
It crashes if you cancel printing, after preview, and the print preview does not include the Logo or many other details (lots of issues with the print layout ... can offer suggestions?). The screen has more data (labels of each cyl pressure etc), but no option to display notes (where we dump firing order)

There is no facility to enter which cylinder is used for the WPS, or firing order input, and the ability to change the bar graph order to print in Firing Order (as now) or in Numbered Order, or even to print in a lovely layout of inline, verse V or flat.

The edit menu has "copy" but does not say what it's copying? Can this be improved to cover both graphs (ie inc raw data), 1 bar graph, etc)

The compression is rounded, showing 11:1 instead of the 10.8:1 entered

The results, however, were very close to the manual data recorded the old fashioned way, so converted a couple of sceptics into a quicker way of working in future, so many thanks!!

Also, the instructions show an amp clamp in the picture but don't mention it, is there anything an amp clamp can add on a 3rd channel? or is the battery channel A able to give as good results for comparative compression?

Richard Lukins

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Re: Beta 6.12.1 - Bugs / Requests

Post by Alan » Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:41 am

Thanks for this - the team have raised bug reports on some of these and will be in contact soon.

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Re: Beta 6.12.1 - Bugs / Requests

Post by victor2k » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:17 pm

Also I have some issues with Pico Beta 6.12.1 with 4425:
-sometimes not see the interface until the software is restarted
-sometimes the software freeze (not use the pc resources but not respond)
-I can't select the probe(not take my selected probe TA167 or Secondary Ignition Probe) :cry:
Thank you.
probe select.png

Steve Smith
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Re: Beta 6.12.1 - Bugs / Requests

Post by Steve Smith » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:06 pm

Hello and thank you for the posts.

Just running through the items and suggestions mentioned, I can add a number of the recognised issues have already been reported; some rectified, others assigned and some are New Feature Requests (NFR)

Using a test build of the up and coming beta software I can confirm the following:

Cylinder ID off screen: Resolved

Raw data scales both displayed in voltage: NFR filed

Raw data in black: The test build I am using no longer displays “Raw data” when clicking in the bottom RH box.

Crash when cancel printing: Could you send over the crash report if saved to rather than posting it here. (Confidentiality etc.)

The test build print preview and final print is functioning correctly, including notes, pressure values and logo. The notes section will allow you to enter all the data you deem relevant for you and the customer: (Firing order, WPS location, recommendations etc.)

Ability to change Bar graph order into firing order, numbered order or engine configuration: NFR filed.

Edit menu to be improved to indicate copy content and selectable copy options: NFR filed

At present the Copy feature will copy only the bar graph either in full or part view depending if “Raw data” is displayed

Compression rounded to 11:1 instead of 10.8:1: Resolved

Instructions show an amp clamp: Good catch there Richard as this should not be in the image as voltage drop across the battery relevant to compression is sufficient to produce the results we need. Accompany that to a pressure transducer and we have a powerful test procedure. Bug filed

Moving onto your concern Victor and software freezing:

Could you confirm if this is the same with the stable build?

I think a trace file will be helpful here should this keep reoccurring (If the freeze or hang clears)

Could you send your response into as we have a number support staff who can assist here and any information contained in your trace file will remain confidential?

Thank you again for all the above, take care……Steve

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