P1342 Ford Transit Throttle Pedal Circuit Fault.

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Re: P1342 Ford Transit Throttle Pedal Circuit Fault.

Post by STC » Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:34 am

but what I want to carryout is a dynamic test of the pedal using the scope, but I have no good known comparison waveform,
You don't need comparison waveforms, when it glitches it will stick out like a "saw thumb" Sharp drops or Noise.

Connect the scope, back probed to ECU pins 29 & 10 at ECU, starting with a time base ~ 500Ms/d proceed to harass the pedal tapping it sideways as well as up and down then post the capture. No harm in gently beating it with the rubber handle of a screwdriver. (Faulty VAG DPF Diff Pressure Sensors respond (for diagnostic purposes) very well to a good palm strike :D )

If you have 4 Channels then the back probe the other two at Pins 3 & 4 of the Pedal

If it occurs more so when cold then get some freezer spray on it to simulate that situation and then a hairdryer to see if a rise in temperature improves it.

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