More channels.

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More channels.

Post by saabin »

I was curious if the Pico automotive software can be used with a non automotive PicoScope. Specifically the 4824 (or other Pico 8 channel scope). I realize you would have to be super careful with attenuator use being that it's only a 50 volt scope but the extra four channels would be nice every now and then.

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Re: More channels.

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Hi There,

The PicoScope Automotive software is locked to certain models of scope (those with higher input levels) and the 4824 is not one of them unfortunately.
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Re: More channels.

Post by STC »

I have progressed with Pico from 2 channels to 4 channels and would like to progress to 6 Channels, 8 if that's all Pico offer.

Rarely need more than two, but when we do - WE DO !!

The latest 4xxx Automotive is on at £799 but there is no real incentive to replace my 3000 4 Channel. My money is better spent on more accessories, more learning.

Should the 4824 become an automotive scope with a price tag higher than that of £1399 it retails at, I am in. Even if it came with 8 20-1 Attenuators Superglued to it.

I'm new here so will leave it at that.

Perhaps Pico would create a Poll just to estimate the economic viability of this Idea

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