Mb 280 cdi year 2005 high idle

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Mb 280 cdi year 2005 high idle

Post by kledis » Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:29 pm


This Mb drive fine but has noticeable high (idle 1000 rpm) after ac turns on.

History from owner :Repaired injectors but without giving new code and treated dpf after blockage.

First I tried to make clear to the owner that the repair from injectors is unclosed without a new code and those injectors must be repaired only by authorized bosch shops.
One of them has a correction factor of -15%(- i.6 mm/stroke) from the target, three other -10% only two of them were ok
30 % correction is bad problem.

No dtc on any system engine,ac ,instrument cluster or automatic trans and all working properly

As far as i know on idle those components take place : coolant temp sensor,injectors,rail pressure sensor,imv valve,pressure regulating valve,shift lever position and the communication between engine ecu;ac ecu;instrument cluster ecu;transmission ecu.

Pico test:rail pressure sensor, imv, press reg valve ,temp sensor all ok and of course the waveform from rail pressure tells everything on the fuel system.Compression was ok on all cylinders

Because the car drives super fine on other speeds and the correction factors take place only on idle have i missed other than injectors? Any advice please
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