WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

Although you can buy a WPS500X and accessories separately you can save money by purchasing the WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit. The kit includes the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer together with a large selection of hoses and adapters – everything you’re likely to need and at a reduced cost compared to buying everything separately.

What you get:

  • WPS500X pressure transducer
  • Carry case
  • USB cable
  • BNC to BNC cable
  • TA083: Fuel hose with large Schrader valve
  • TA117: Fuel hose with small Schrader valve
  • TA085: Vacuum hose
  • TA086: Bleed hose
  • TA087: Exhaust adapter
  • TA142: spare Foster series 2 quick coupler
  • TA213: Adaptor M10 short reach
  • TA216: Adaptor M12 deep reach
  • TA217: Adaptor M14 short reach
  • TA218: Adaptor M14 Deep reach
  • TA212: Standard compression hose for WPS
  • TA129: Universal vacuum adaptor
£749.00 PP939

Three pressure ranges = performance and versatility

The three pressure ranges of the WPS500X allow for accurate measurement and analysis of many automotive pressures including cylinder compression, fuel pressure, intake manifold vacuum and even pulses from the exhaust.

Range 1

The first range gives you high resolution and accuracy for high-pressure tests such as cranking and running cylinder compression or fuel pressure testing. Not only is this test a great way for you to find compression issues, but it is also an excellent way for you to identify cam timing issues such as jumped timing belts and stretched timing chains – this is especially useful on multi-cam engines that may not have a cam sensor on each camshaft.

Range 2

The second range measures from –15 to 50 psi(approximately –1 to 3.45 bar). This range is ideal for vacuum tests and fuel system tests. When testing these systems you will find the zoom function is especially useful as it makes it easy to analyze the valves operating with the vacuum waveform, or the injectors through the fuel waveform.

Range 3

With the third range you can measure –5 to 5 psi (approximately –0.34 to 0.34 bar). This setting is sensitive enough to allow you to analyze small pressures or pulses such as pulses from the exhaust.

RangePressure rangeAccuracyResponse timeOutput scaling1–15 to 500 psi
–1 to 34.47 bar1% of scale100 µs10 mV/1 psi
(500 psi = 5 V)2–15 to 50 psi
–1 to 3.45 bar1% of scale100 µs100 mV/1 psi
(50 psi = 5 V)3–5 to 5 psi
–0.34 to 0.34 bar5% of scalefiltered1 V/1 psi
(5 psi = 5 V)

Built-in zoom function for enhanced analysis

The zoom function operates by removing all of the voltage from the signal below 100 Hz and then multiplying the remaining signal up to 100 times. For example: Let’s say your transducer is connected to the intake manifold vacuum on a running engine at idle with the transducer set to mode 2 (-15 to 50 psi) and the waveform on your PicoScope is at -9 psi. The fluctuation in the signal caused by the valves opening and closing versus atmospheric pressure forcing air into the manifold will be visible, but will only make up a small portion of the overall signal. Selecting the zoom function will bring the waveform up to the zero line and the fluctuations will be magnified making analysis of this component of the signal much clearer.

Nothing compares to the WPS500X

It is not unusual to require a different pressure transducer for each diagnostic test you want to run. The WPS500X eliminates this need by giving you one ultra–high resolution transducer that can be used for a multitude of automotive diagnostic applications. With three pressure ranges, a zoom function, pressure relief valve and a rechargeable Li–Po battery all enclosed in a durable housing the WPS500X is the cost–effective answer to pressure analysis.

When price, performance and versatility matter, there is nothing that compares to the WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer.

The pressure transducer has become the essential diagnostic tool to assist with a multitude of pressure related tasks from -15 psi up to 500 psi, so replacing the majority of analogue gauges used today. With the ability to measure pressure against time we can now witness rapid events taking place that were never previously visible. Incorporated into the pressure transducer kit you will find multiple adapters and hoses to assist with a selection of the tests listed below taking diagnostics to a whole new level.

  • In cylinder pressure tests
  • 4 stroke cycle visibility
  • Exhaust gas pulsations
  • Intake manifold pressure fluctuations
  • Crankcase pressure measurements
  • Diesel injector back leakage tests
  • Fuel pressure tests up to 500 psi

WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case) Manuals

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WPS500X Pressure Transducer User’s Guide English 14 391 KB Jan 25 2018 Pressure sensors English open

Accessories for the WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

Product Price Quantity
WPS500X Adaptor Kit A WPS500X Adaptor Kit A (Requires TA212)

WPS500X Adaptor Kit B WPS500X Adaptor kit B (Requires TA212)

PicoScope WPS500X Large hose adaptor


Customer reviews

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WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

Easy to use, you don’t have to worry about oil or fuel damaging the transducer.
This tool has great resolution, you can do things like diagnose a clogged injector by looking at the fuel pressure pulse, find a clogged exhaust by measuring in cylinder pressure etc.
The transducer and the other products in the case are good quality.

WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

An excellent, versatile product. Recommend you purchase the accessories (fuel hose taps, hose adaptors, M18 adaptor…) as these, with a little ingenuity, allow you to connect to a diverse range of models and makes. Start collecting an assortment of hose offcuts (1/4, 5/16, 3/8…), petrol line connectors, oil pressure pipe fittings etc and you will be able to hook into all sorts of things. To me, the diagnostic advantage comes into looking at the data over a time period with panning as opposed to a gauge which doesn’t give you these options. I use the M18 adaptor for blocked exhaust testing as it has the same thread as O2 sensors.

Robert burgy
WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

This pressure transducer is vintage pico!!
I have tried other transducers with my scope. They do work, but not nearly with the ease and quality of the pico.

Michael John Eilbracht
WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

This Transducer Rocks!  I am a Transit Bus Technician and I use this Transducer to look at Engine Breathing issues on Cummins Engines.  The clarity is super sharp!  It’s like picking a needle out of a haystack!  I made a special adapter so I can hook up the Wps 500 directly to the Central part of the air Intake Horn to look at the Intake Valve Events and then I tap into the exhaust outlet after the Turbo for Exhaust.  It has helped me confirm Valve Train Integrity.  I have also used it to confirm Boost Pressure on Turbo Chargers whether it’s a standard Turbo or a VGT.  I match it with the Scan Tool to see if the Scan Tool is telling me the Truth.  I have also used it to verify Dpf Controllers that have internal pressure sensors.  Just hook up the Wps inline, drive it and look at the max pressure.  This tool has also been a time saver in finding and isolating fuel supply issues on Cummins Engines.  After I hook up the scope I can confirm or deny if the Fuel system has a supply issue on the low side of the system.  It cuts the troubleshooting tree time in half.  I have used this method now quite a few times and every time the test has been right on the money.  I am even starting to experiment with this on Thermo King Ac Systems to look at low and high side pressure at the Compressor to see if I can see the reed valves opening and closing and to see if I can catch one that sticks!  Plus the main thing that it is used for is In Cylinder Pressure Diagnostics.  I used it once to diagnose a problem on a Chevy Uplander with the help of Mick Jones from Autonerdz, a fellow member.  It works great.  The applications can be endless if you put your mind to it.  Anybody who does diagnostics with scopes should have one of these in their toolbox.  Your missing out!  Plus I would also like to thank Pico for having Autonerdz as a distributor.  Hands down they are the Pico Scope Authority on training you how to use one.  I wouldn’t be where I am at today without the help and support of Autonerdz.  Go Autonerdz!

jerry smith
WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

I use this accessory a lot to check cylinder and fuel pressure.
I used to use the fluke model, but it does not compare to this
tool. A very good buy.

WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

I purchased the wps500 along with my Picoscope kit. The things this does and allows me to see are amazing. Before I had to test and infer the failure, now I can see it. The other guys at the shop always ask for my help. Feels got to get them the tough answers in a few minutes.

Ahti Hinnov
WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit (with carry case)

Excellent product that is reliable and easy to use. Added adapters make most measurements quick and reliable.

Since got my WPS500X I have been able to see things that were mystery before and diagnose diagnose cars easier and quicker.

No more limitations any more with high standard product as usual with Pico.

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