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Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and tell us your
experience with our automotive products.
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Retired AME avionics (34 years) originally served apprenticeship in 1970s mechanic/ auto electrician. Purchased 2205a from Element 14 Australia 01/11/2023. The Picoscope 7 software is very easy to use and very powerful. Scope will be used on DC voltage only on projects and using an attenuator if probing non secondary vehicle ignition systems after first consulting the wiring diagram and checking voltages with a multimeter or my hand-held scope. Attention must be given to correct grounds.

Steve Smith
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Hello and welcome to the forum and thank you for the introduction.

Based on your experience both Auto and Avionics it would be awesome to have your feedback on forum posts and case studies where the devil is in the detail of the captured data

Regarding the 2205A, this is certainly a lot of scope, but as you have described, potentially vulnerable in our automotive applications

Using attenuation by default would be the safest option to protect from back EMF etc. that may be missed when checking with a multimeter.

We also have the additional features that Automotive users would fail to benefit from given the 2205A is from our Test & Measurement range of scopes.

A summary of those missing features can be found here: ... 204#p87821

Thank you again for posting, take care.....Steve

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