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newbie intro

Post by Dave2023 »

Good morning,
It's been every bit of 25 years sense I have used an oscilloscope... I have picked up a two channel 2204A and I am sorting out the Picoscope 7 software and navigating the user interface.

I have a 2020 Honda Odyssey that has a CAN bus issue... i.e. a termination resistor is either bad or a break in the backbone...

Additionally, I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey with a random misfire issue that has me scratching my head...
New plugs, new coil packs, no apparent vacuum leaks, timing marks appear to be spot on, I cleaned the throttle body, MAP sensor checks good.

My biggest challenge is sorting out how to use the user interface with regards to the Picoscope and implementing the tool into my troubleshooting approach

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: newbie intro

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and welcome to the forum, thank you for the post.

It is great to hear you are now committed to using the scope and it will help you resolve your CAN bus issue

However, the challenge you describe "implementing the tool into my troubleshooting approach" is made a little more difficult as the 2204A will not run PS7 Automotive software where we can take advantage of the Guided Tests (Two of which include CAN Physical Layer and CAN Serial decoding)

You can find them here ... ided-tests, however, the set up would be a manual process.

The following forum post viewtopic.php?p=104387#p104387 also highlights the limitations of your scope but once again, the 2204A will help

For information on PicoScope 7 functionality and user interface (which does cross over with the 2204A T&M software in many aspects), please see the following forum posts


I hope the above helps, take care.......Steve

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