New NVH Features for 2019

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Steve Smith
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New NVH Features for 2019

Post by Steve Smith » Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:41 am

Once again, thank you to the software team for all their hard work and input into some great new features available very soon within the NVH software.

The “Clear All” button will now allow you to remove previously entered transmission ratios etc. in one hit rather than having to delete individual transmission fields

1- CLEAR ALL.jpg
Clear All

A “Chanel Info” button is now available in all NVH views to allow rapid access to each channel configuration with regards to the type of sensor installed, orientation and location notes. Previously to find this information you were required to navigate away from the NVH view and return to the Set-Up tab.

Channel Info

Improved Export options

Highlighting the area of interest within the signal history followed by a right mouse click will reveal the “Export Options”

Previously we had “Export to CSV” and “Export to .Wav” (.Wav was only available for microphone inputs)

Now however, we can export all inputs (including accelerometers) which will allow users to listen to accelerometers (post91701.html#p91701) as though they were contact microphones (Perfect for wheel bearing noise etc.) without the need to “cheat”.
You will need to listen to the .Wav files in a media player software suite.

3- Export options.jpg
Export Options

In addition we can now export only the selected region of interest within our signal history as a PDDATA file. This is ideal for reducing the file size as with the example below, we have 100 seconds of recorded data and will export only the highlighted area in the signal history (approx. 12.5 seconds)

The exported data will create a new PDDATA file with only 12.5 seconds of recorded data but will also include all the Set Up and Vehicle Information


The “Print Report” option will now include a summary of Channel information along with any relevant notes by default

Print Report
Print preview

Finally (for now at least) assuming the user had entered transmission ratios, the software would indicate the selected gear within the signal history.
However if a gear change had not been made for the duration of the signal history (E.g. continual high speed driving in top gear) then the gear indication would be lost.

To resolve this condition ,if no gear changes are made throughout the duration of the signal history, then the selected gear will always be displayed to ensure the user always has an indication of the selected gear.

Gear Position

Below added 07-01-19
Tyre sizes can now be added in multiple formats and can also include half sizes for commercial vehicles.
For example you can enter your tyre size as:
Tyre sizes

Differing tyre size "vibration order" display
Where tyre sizes differ from front to rear axle, their respective vibration orders will be displayed separately.
For example:
Where a vehicle has tyre sizes 205/55R16 on the front and rear axle then only “T” vibration orders will be displayed (T1, T2 etc.)
Where a vehicle is fitted with 225/40R19 on the front axle and 255/35R/19 on the rear axle (as an example) then “T” vibration orders will be displayed as follows:
FT1 for a first order tyre vibration from the front tyre and RT1 for a first order tyre vibration from the rear tyre.
Note below how FT1 & RT1 are both at the same frequency given their diameters are almost identical

9-FT1 RT1.jpg
Below added 15/03/19

An additional NVH view will soon be added that may be preferred for customer "prints" or technical reporting. (I guess this could also be a preferred view during road tests too)

Diagram view displays a Pictogram of the vehicle along with tables displaying the typical known vibration orders.
In the example below we have a RWD vehicle with color coded Tyre, Engine & Propshaft components that link to the relevant colour coded table displaying vibration orders, accelerometer vibration levels (mg) & microphone sound levels (dB)
Diagram view.png
Diagram view

I hope this helps, take care……Steve

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Re: New NVH Features for 2019

Post by Technician » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:10 pm

Steve, nice post thank you. I'll need to read it a few times for the information to sink in 8)

As you know I have very limited experience with the NVH kit, but something I seem to have caught onto quickly is the recording time, it seems very short and my limited experience using the kit has seem a problem on a vehicle but when I stopped and played back the recording, the amplitude I saw at the time had gone! It seems the recording system is in a loop mode and after a time erases the recording!

Maybe a feature request could increase the length of the recording buffer time?

Thanks. :)

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Re: New NVH Features for 2019

Post by ben.martins » Fri Jan 04, 2019 11:33 am

Hello Technician,

The default signal history time is indeed 50s which can be a little short if you miss the event. Keeping the time to as short as necessary really helps when reviewing the data as it prevents you from going over and over data that isn't relevant.

However, there are times when you would like more time I agree. This can be amended in the advanced options of the software. To access this menu you will need to click Options - Advanced Options - Features Tab - Select Enable Advanced Features - Click OK
When you return to the set up screen you will now see the option to change the signal history time. This will allow you to extend the history to a maximum of 500s.
This is indeed a lot of data to sift through but with the new features you can now find the point you would like to analyse, select and export that region as a PDDATA file and just review that portion in NVH without the additional data.

I hope this helps with your NVH journey!

Kind regards


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Re: New NVH Features for 2019

Post by Technician » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:27 pm

Thanks Ben, I've followed the information through and can see where I need to make the adjustments. Just one other point, the software road speed is set to km/h and we in the UK are MPH, I did manage to find a part of the software that allowed me to change the units and I did, however, for some reason the software seems to default back to km/h. Is there a way to stop this!


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