2010 VW Caddy

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2010 VW Caddy

Post by tangoman » Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:11 pm

Was ask to check and diagnose a VW Caddy 2010 to see why the oil light was coming on only sometimes by a workshop I do work for last week .it had a new oil pressure switch fitting and the oil pressure was check and was told it was 50psi so it cant not be oil pressure losing pressure but was told they check it with motor cold and only for a few mins the ask me to check the dash and wiring .. So I get out the Pico scope and the scan tool set up the scope to see what the oil switch was doing when we lost oil pressure and the scan tool to see what the scan tool was seeing . this car did not always lose oil pressure ... you can see by the photos the car was losing oil pressure at just over 6000rpm .. so I had a look at the oil filter some aftermarket oil filter removed oil filter and you can all see the anti drain back valve was lose in the filter !!! this was a new filter that the workshop that give the job fitted last week .. new genuine oil was fitted and car was all fixed ..The Pico scope can be used to check almost everything a block oil filter !!
20141024_041352521_iOS (3).jpg
Oil filter
Pico scope and scan data

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Re: 2010 VW Caddy

Post by PicoPhil » Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:13 am

Yet another great example of using both a serial diagnostic tool and the PicoScope together.
We have just added some new adaptors for the WPS kit for oil pressure testing.
Thanks again for this information.

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