Drewtech CarDAQ

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Drewtech CarDAQ

Post by LEYLAND MILL MOTORS » Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:20 am

Good Morning all

We are looking at the Drewtech carDAQ-Plus J2534 pass-thru device as our next diagnostic tool.

Looking at the information available online it would appear to enable same as dealer level of diagnostics and possible technical information.

I am a wear of the subscriptions required and do not really see the problem of charging the customer an additional amount to cover these hourly or daily amounts for "manufacture technical information"

We currently use a good old Launce X431, Snap on Verdict and Tech II along with the Pico 4 channel scope to confirm.

Tech data we use Autodata and All data.

So my question is.. is the CarDAQ the next tool to get?

What are they like to use and live with on a daily basis?

Any feedback would be much appreciated



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