honda cr-v 2.2cdti APP waveform advice

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honda cr-v 2.2cdti APP waveform advice

Post by landymadsam »

hi, my first post here, honda cr-v 2005 2.2cdti
fault codes with bosch kts are
ratio of accelerator pedal position to throttle valve position incorrect sensor voltage ratio
g-scan read these faults same description
very intermittently goes in to limp mode, cycle ignition all fine untill the next time
all live data for pedal position reads fine all faults have cleared and not returned
the fault has never happend when we have been testing it.

please download the psdata and zoom into the red channel it looks like a squarewave incorporated with the normal analog signal, the blue channel looks fine to me.

thanks sam.
2.2 app.psdata
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Re: honda cr-v 2.2cdti APP waveform advice

Post by KimAndersen »


I know from other car manufacturers that when the DTC P2138 are set, its because the voltage on APP sensor 1 goes below its natural threshold of 400 millivolt. For the APP sensor 2 the natural threshold are 1.2 volt.

If you look at the sensor output voltage with the APP released it seems a bit low on both sensors. I don´t know if the same strategy are used on a Honda regarding the voltage threshold.

You must do some basic test on the APP sensors electrical connector. With the APP sensor plug disconnected look for power and ground and also look out for any voltage drop to the APP sensor. The outcome off this test will give you some answer in what direction you should take.


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Re: honda cr-v 2.2cdti APP waveform advice

Post by Dundeeguy »

I notice the voltage drop outs look almost the same to one I had on a Vauxhall recently. Original post here

Turns out it's the ECU doing an earth check and can be ignored. This might be the case with the Honda too.

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