Hello to all

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Hello to all

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Hello to all

I am a M/HD truck and bus/diesel mechanic. I have a pico 2204A that was given to me by my employer during a training class. We only got to spend 2 days going over the basic functions and setup, as well as some hands on. The instructor gave us, as well as taught us how to, some preset data files for some diagnostics, parasitic draw, relative compression, and viewing CAN msgs as examples. I have used it for those situations, as well as an ABS issue. I am looking to get as much training and info as possible for my current setup, and plan to upgrade to a 4 channel unit. Alas, the automotive kit is out of my grasp as the cost is a bit much for my wallet. I don’t get the opportunity to use it as much as I would like. Being the youngest guy in the shop, I’m usually doing engine swings, transmissions/rebuilds, the heavy work. But hopefully this spring, I will get to use it to do a proper tune when I install the sound system in my vehicle. Thanks for the add, and I look forward to one day giving as much help as I will undoubtedly receive here.

Steve Smith
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Re: Hello to all

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Hello and thank you for the post, welcome to the forum

You are not alone when it comes to using the 2204 in Auto environments and I can see the attraction based on functionally and familiarity with PicoScope 7 Automotive software when using PicoScope 7 for T&M

Here is one such example viewtopic.php?p=103835#p103835

I would also ask you to read this forum post too viewtopic.php?p=87821#p87821 as understanding the limitations of the scope will help avoid downtime and potential measurement errors

With all that aside we have a great section on our forum that I am sure you may have seen here forum483.html

I certainly hope you get to put the scope through its paces as you will no doubt be in demand in your workshop as your knowledge and experience grows

I hope this helps, take care......Steve

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