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Just Arrived

Post by SteveP »

Hi everyone I’m new to Pico scoping, I’ve only got a basic model 2204A and I know it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the dedicated automotive series but looking forward to the learning curve and being part of the forum.


Steve Smith
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Re: Just Arrived

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello Steve and welcome to the forum

We have a lot here that will help reduce that learning curve but this will be steeper given the 2204A cannot be used with Automotive software.

Unfortunately, this will mean no access to the Guided Tests (within the software) that would help you configure the scope for the device under test

There is a lifeline here though: https://www.picoauto.com/library/automo ... ided-tests and these will help with your forum post here topic23083.html

Over and above the Guided Tests there is a summary here that covers the use of the 2000 series scopes in auto environments viewtopic.php?p=87821#p87821

I completely understand the desire to get scoping with the 2204 based on costs and for the money, it is a real pocket rocket. Combine this with the fact you can start to learn PS7 T&M software, you have a foundation on which to build your scope knowledge and application

With that said, you will soon realize the limitations of 8-bit resolution at low voltage levels (e.g. ground checks) or during fast transient edges (e.g. injector voltages and networks)

The vulnerability of the 2000 series also concerns me in our environment from induced or peak/spike voltages that may catch you out.(Max input voltage = 20 V without attenuation)

Inadvertent short circuit between channels during connection is another concern as we are all human; I know I have connected test leads incorrectly when rushing but saved by the inbuilt short circuit protection of the 4823 common ground automotive scope. (This is not an issue with 4225A or 4425A thanks to floating inputs)
https://www.picoauto.com/library/traini ... ing-inputs

Once again, this is food for thought and it would be good hear about your journey with this scope in automotive applications (the good and the bad)

I hope this helps, take care......Steve

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