Cheers From Midland Texas

Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, what you do, and tell us your
experience with our automotive products.
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Cheers From Midland Texas

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I am excited about this forum as an enhancement to my hobbyist learning environment and value advice and guidance, At 69 I am setting out now to exploration the world of automotive sensor and actuator arrays and various and varied Computer Modules and combined CAN bus communications environment to include the world of Module Programming in general, and in the bargain to explore the world of oscilloscope signature diagnostics correlating down to the mechanical system component level of integrity and viability. Additionally, I am interested in contemplating and or exploring and learning about possibility of integrating Vibrational Signal Diagnostics into existing "O-Scope Signal Signature Diagnostics" Mix (pressure-Cam- Crank - Spark- Injector) just in case some further Diagnostics envelope expansion is useful or possible.

___Very powerful kit bag of tricks this.-------
At 69 I performed all automotive work on my vehicles since 1968. I currently own a 2008 Chevrolet Cobalt 2.2 L, LS Standard and a Ford F 150 5.4 L Lariat Truck.
With the exception of never rebuilding an engine I performed my own maintenance and systems repairs to include I rebuilt a Power Glide 1969 Camaro automatic transmission, a 1969 Standard transmission and rear end for a 69 Ford Econoline Van. Then I explored college life and I leveraged my Academics into being the campus and broader area private Tutor teaching College and High School Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Then I leveraged an electronics hobby into work as Electronic Tech … (I specialized in component-level circuit board troubleshooting and repair of various Motor Controllers for Schlumberger and Texaco Maybe Companies.
A hobbyist, I dabble in Microcontroller Controller Programming (P8X32A By Parallax Corp) and Hardware sensor and actuator array implementations USB connected to My Wolfram Mathematica programming Environment.

Just a little of my hobbyist background and interests.

Steve Smith
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Re: Cheers From Midland Texas

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

You most certainly have a wealth of skills we can all benefit from and I hope you find the information here compliments and challenges those skill sets.

Please feel free to post when you can and all the best with your new adventure and explorations

Take care......Steve

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