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Please help going out of my mind. I have a Ford Focus diesel 2013. Everytime I drive it the pipe that leads to the vaporizer pops off. Which leads to diesel spraying everywhere. It’s been in the garage 3 times and they have put 3 different types of pipe on it. No engine lights are on running well. Tiny bit of black smoke now and then. I’m going insane with it. I don’t no if it’s supposed to be a special high pressure pipe or what. I don’t no what to do next. I thought the different garages I’ve used would of sorted it by now. The cars been stood on my drive for 3 weeks now as I’ve lost all confidence in driving it please and suggestions

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Re: Help

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Kell301283 (Does no one have a name on the www anymore?) :(

This really should not be a difficult problem to diagnose, all it takes is some simple live data from a competent scan tool (not an OBD code reader that belongs in a Christmas cracker), system knowledge and understanding, and some basic tooling.

If your current garage cannot work out what the problem is then you need to find another garage asap. (Not forgetting that you get what you pay for in this world!)

Neither I nor, I suspect the majority of the people on this forum are in the business of giving away “Silver Bullets” our knowledge and expertise is hard and expensively won. But the issue you have is not caused by pipe type or fitment. You will need to be prepared for some expense to fix the problem.

If you post where you are in the country there may be someone on here who can recommend someone near you who can resolve your problem for you.

The above is probably not what you wanted to here but it is the way it is in my world.


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Re: Help

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Not everyone in the trade would agree with being a registered professional, but from a public perspective, which is the better option for the day and age we live in?

Experience (personal) or both experienced, training and registered?

Find a registered professional in your area, you'll pay for it but at least it'll be right when done.

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Re: Help

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In general, if a pipe isn't strong enough it will split rather than popping off. It will pop off is the clip/clamp holding it on is missing, the wrong size, or incorrectly fitted. Otherwise, it will be because there's a problem (such as a blockage) with whatever it's connected to. You say it goes to the vaporiser so maybe you need a garage that can check that.

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Re: Help

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Is this a dv6 econetic model (vaporiser) front lh corner of the dpf cat assy?
The vaporiser is only fed by a very low pressure lift pump , I'd be looking for a restricted vaporiser ,see if you can create and hold vacuum on the vaporiser fuel line connection at the vaporiser if you can it's blocked!!.
The vaporiser obviously only gets a fuel supply when the pcm activates a regen trail so if this is happening every time you drive it I would also look at the pressure sensor readings and soot mass.

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