Chrysler Crossfire 3.2i CAN bus

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Chrysler Crossfire 3.2i CAN bus

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Chrysler Crossfire 2004 3.2 Gasoline.
The car does not start from the key. When the starter relay is actuated, it fires and works. The diagnostic tester only communicates with the meter and the engine control unit. From diagnostics I know where the cause is, but I have no ideas how to fix it. There is a lot of interference on the CAN bus. I excluded the wiring harness (I made a new one outside the car, it did not work). I disconnected the drivers one by one; nothing changed the oscilloscope waveform. Instead of drivers, I substituted 120-ohm resistors for the meter and engine ECU, 60 ohms for other drivers. It didn't do anything. Only the signal returns to normal if I disconnect the signal ground from the oscilloscope. This is the first time I had such a case, does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Chrysler Crossfire 3.2i CAN bus

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Can minus low resistance to ground? What are your measurements showing?

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