Searching waveforms

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David Tapke
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Searching waveforms

Post by David Tapke »

Is there a way to search waveforms for a specific duty cycle or similar search functions? Say I've recorded waveforms and I want to find where on the recording a negative duty cycle of 20% is.

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Pico Staff Member
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Re: Searching waveforms

Post by Alan »

If you have one waveform and want to see where in that waveform the duty cycle is at 20% there are a couple of options.

A) Add a maths channel of
for channel A or say -B if you want duty cycle for the % channel B is low. This adds another trace to the graph showing the changing duty cycle.

B) Use the DeepMeasure function, click on the duty cycle column to sort by duty cycle and then click on any that are 20% this will them jump / zoom to show the correct part of the waveform.

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