Export frequency data on cvs file

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Export frequency data on cvs file

Post by Calek »

Hi all,

When i try to save a cvs file about my acquisition I can't see all the information i need.

To be more specific, i need frequency coulmn to better understand in wich frequency i have a specific "g" measure.

I know that are graphic signals marker but i need all frequency on excel file, is that possible?


Steve Smith
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Re: Export frequency data on cvs file

Post by Steve Smith »

Hello and thank you for the post

The csv export of NVH data is from the Time Domain only and therefore no frequency data is present

There is software such as MATLAB that can convert TD to FD data, the following link may be of interest
https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral ... omain-data

Alternatively, Ben has an option here topic22135.html where he has exported PSdata from the Time Domain and imported/viewed in Sonic Visualizer

We also have other export formats that can be used to view data in the frequency domain, these include .wav where you can then view the selected data in 3rd party audio analyzers such as Audacity and again, Sonic Visualizer

The following links will help

Following csv and wav we have AFTX which is a cross platform export format for importing into software suites such as LMS, Head Acoustics and National Instruments
The following link will help

Could I ask, are the existing frequency display options within NVH missing information that you can only find in other software suites?

If so, could you share what these are and I will add new feature requests for the software team to review

I hope the above helps, thank you again for the post

Take care.....Steve

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