Unable to connect with car

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Re: Unable to connect with car

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Hi Steve, I have emailed you all the files you've asked for with notes of my observations.

Let me know if you'd like similar for the Fords as well.

On a side-note, I ran the NVH software (and J2534 toolbox) from a different laptop to keep things "simple". The laptop I normally run NVH and PicoAuto on pops up a "bluetooth device found" window whenever the NVH is attempting to establish communications with a car, and will not move forward until I cancel the bluetooth wizard (since there are no new bluetooth devices). It even does this when I have bluetooth turned OFF on that laptop. But that can be another discussion topic for another day; I just wanted to let you know why I ran the tests on a different laptop than I normally do. And even with the different laptop, the NVH results are the same (but no bluetooth wizards messages).


Steve Smith
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Re: Unable to connect with car

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Thank you Curt, have you sent this to support@picotech.com?

I will run through as soon as I can

Take care.....Steve

PS I now have the Support Ticket Curt, thank you

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