Toyota Auris 1,4 d

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Re: Toyota Auris 1,4 d

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Hello Mickey,

Thank you for your post. I think we need to look back at what the vehicle needs in order to start and if you are cranking but no start but you have managed to run the vehicle on brake cleaner with no issue then there must be a signal the engine ecm isn't seeing in order to fire the injectors.

Before anything else I would be looking at what would prevent the engine ECM from firing the injectors and to start with I'd be looking at the immobiliser. Take a look at the PID's in the immobiliser section to see if the Key has been ID'd and what type it is whether a master or a sub key. There should be a red light in the instrument cluster that will inform you if the immobiliser has been deactivated.

I would certainly start here before going any further so could you confirm the immobiliser state, active or deactive? Has the customer got another key? What happened before the car went wrong? Has it always been like this or was there a significant time when it stopped starting?

I think we need to keep things simple and create an action plan based on the symptoms before jumping in and replacing injectors.

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Re: Toyota Auris 1,4 d

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Did you find the cause after this? Having same issue

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Re: Toyota Auris 1,4 d

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No Sign of OP but I would bet pump destruction put little bits of pump all through the fuel system - either bad pump or miss-fuel. That would kill all 4 injectors. Take a sample from the return line and look in a black cap with a strong light for glitter or cloudiness.
1.4V /300 bar is too high on cranking should have started firing before that.
To check on scope look at FRP and watch for the pressure to drop when the injector fires

I see a FRP trace posted by OP - trace seems to show 2-3 injectors not passing fuel.

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