Pedal value sensor

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Pedal value sensor

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Hi all

2003 Mercedes A class 1.7CDI continue to store P1222 Pedal value sensor on WOT.There is no code till i punch the pedal to the floor.Soon as i do that EPC light flashing on dash and store P1222 again.
I took a measurement at the APP but i'm not sure what's the peak voltage should be
Pedal plausibility test. 2psdata.psdata
(3.27 MiB) Downloaded 750 times

Steve Smith
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Re: Pedal value sensor

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Hello Greg and sorry for this late reply. How did you get on with this vehicle regarding code P1222? I have experienced a number of issues surrounding gas pedal position sensors where I have struggled to prove a pedal failure given I have acquired similar scope patterns to the one you have posted. I don't think there is an issue with the maximum output, it appears more the relationship between the sensor outputs as the voltages should mirror one another separated by a specified value. When I look at the section of the waveform where you have pressed the gas pedal numerous times Channel A rise and fall appears consistent whereas the fall in voltage of channel B (returning to the rest position) appears to wander.

What was the outcome of the vehicle Greg?

Take care......Steve

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