GiGas from Denmark.

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GiGas from Denmark.

Post by GiGas » Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:42 pm

My native language is Danish , so please understand that there may be misunderstandings in my British dialogue :-)

I have known and used Pico products many years ago , TC08 and Picoscop for data analysis , aquasision , logging.

Recently rediscovered I Pico at a trade show for the automotive industry , and it took me PicoAuto this site and this forum. I expect nothing but thought it is interesting to examine Pico 's march on Auto diagnostics market in Denmark.

I have always had car technology as a hobby , both tuning and troubleshooting. ECU optimization / reprogramering with AEM EMS on Honda and Open Source tools for my EVO.

One of the things I'm healthy curiosity to follow is to find out whether it really pays to use these Pico tools in the everyday an average daily workshop . Or if only tals specialized workshops in the future will offer this kind of advanced troubleshooting. My poiente is that even with education as electronics engineer and more engine knowledge than many auto mechanics can be difficult to find nasty bugs in the short time available ( economically viable ) .
For OEM workshops that have full access to the FSM and brand specific test equipment, which also provides data monitoring and logging it seems to be a challenge to make Pico test equipment that will be preferred by those

It will be interesting in any case it has my full interest to read more about the opportunities Picotech here opens .
/ gigas

Steve Smith
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Pico Staff Member
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Re: GiGas from Denmark.

Post by Steve Smith » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:54 pm

Hello and thank you for your post and sorry my delayed reply. Your English is fantastic and leaves me feeling guilty that I have not pursued another language skill. (We English have a reputation for lazy language skills)
You have raised some very valuable points about future diagnostic procedures and techniques along with comparisons with the aftermarket and OEM's.
What is really interesting is that we are all struggling to keep pace with advancements in technologies and that includes OEM's.
The oscilloscope has become an essential tool regardless of the status of your workshop be it specialised, "Everyday" or OEM, and like everything, without the training and sacrifice your skill level, experience and knowledge base will suffer. The scope itself is no longer expensive when you consider how much we all spent in the 80’s and 90’s, what is expensive however is downtime away from the workshop to study and train, but not as expensive as incorrect diagnosis and customer disappointment
My back ground is with an OEM and I have seen first-hand how this all boils down to the individuals who want to invest and improve in themselves.
Whilst the OEM's may have the resources to train and purchase numerous amounts of equipment they too have to turn a profit with overheads the size of small countries.
Individuals within the aftermarket however have the same training at their disposal and dare I say, possibly spend more time to implement what they have studied into "real life" problem vehicles that find their way into these workshops after warranty periods have expired.
That is not to say that OEM's and their staff do not have the same skill level, as again it comes down to individuals and we are all in this together.
"Open and honest" is always the best policy as we deal with all vehicles past and present as this will result in technicians from all workshops being paid for the diagnosis work carried out. This protects everyone when a diagnostic issue proves to be a "Bug" which in my experience has been reasonably few and far between.
The data logging and monitoring is of real interest and will be a valuable diagnostic route for the very near future.
The oscilloscope sits perfectly well with current data loggers and will continue to be a valuable investment both now and in the future as it will have to evolve

Many thanks again for your post, take care.....Steve

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