Vectra Z19DTH

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Vectra Z19DTH

Postby Leigh16v » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:38 pm

I have a customer with a 2004, Vectra Z19DTH.
It's slow to start after standing for more than an Hour, and has recently started cutting out under load.
Fuel pressure fault sprung to mind!
Fault codes are to do with Fuel Pressure Regulation, upper limit Reached, which will be the cutting out under strain.
I'm not up to scratch on this type of fuel Regulation, as it has what seems to be a DRV on the :lol: back of the pump, as in most common rail engines, Then it also has one on the fuel rail, opposite end to the pressure sensor.
Upon cranking, it takes a while for the pressure to Hit the 200 bar mark.
On tickover I scoped both " Rail Regulator" and " Pump Regulator"
I'm sure the rail Regulator is ok, but unsure of the the " Pump Regulator", but am not sure, as I'm not sure exactly how this system works!
Here are the scope captures at Idle,
Any help or explanation into this system would be Appreciated... :)
Vectra Z19DTH Glyn.psdata
Pump regulator
(7.71 MiB) Downloaded 239 times
Vectra Z19DTH Glyn Rail.psdata
Rail Regulator
(7.9 MiB) Downloaded 207 times
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Re: Vectra Z19DTH

Postby Robski » Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:22 am

it would help for starters if you labelled your channels & how & where you were probed/grounded/testing, without, those captures are as mad as a bottle of chips !
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Re: Vectra Z19DTH

Postby Phoenix » Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:51 pm

have you check the back leak on the injector, also check the end of the rail back leak pipe if you have fuel coming out when when cranking the reg U/S
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