can bus problem or software fault ?

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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby KimAndersen » Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:28 pm


What you need right now is a good wiring diagram to diagnose this problem - you won't solve this problem by looking at a serial scanner - if you ask me.

With the starting point in P1613 which indicate there is no communication between the CIM and the engine control unit or the signal is distorted - you should try to measure the resistance in this wire or use your picoscope to see, if a signal is present. :wink:

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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby murocmike » Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:47 pm

ok sorry this is long winded & because I go on holiday tomorrow I have not got too much time to get onto it but thanks for your replys
the cim module was replaced before I got involved based purely on advice from tech help line after giving them this info :
when van was 1st looked at for non start keys were not being recognised but after reprogramming the key code van started & ran ok for 2 weeks then same happened again this time would not reprogramme & apparently at that point there was no communication to steering column module, engine, conveneince modules but instrumentation had a code of 02139 recorded that would not clear [bosch kts described that as invalid signal from cim] there were also other codes of p0115 p0460 p500 p0654 p0550 in the instrumentation module also when trying to reenter key code bosch kts gave message of security code all ready present
changing the cim made no difference those codes are still present & wont clear
I will check each module in turn & see what happens but wont be for a week or so
cheers Mike
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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby GRUSS » Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:46 pm

When you had tech 2 did you carry out a Ecu presence check?

Power the car down, ie ign. Off and measure the resistance across pins 6+14. Should be 60 ohms.

Next connect your scope to 6 and ground and 14 and ground (I can't view the files you've uploaded)

Has the gearbox been out?
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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby mteste03 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:40 pm

Thanks for confirming that Rob I thought it was CIM but not being a expert on vauxhall wasn't sure if the said 'SIM' was also fitted there somewhere.

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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby Neilcur » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:24 pm

This link is worth a read on how to go about it :wink: ... l-gremlins
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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby Fat Freddy » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:43 am

Neilcur wrote:This link is worth a read on how to go about it :wink: ... l-gremlins

He also has a book available, good practical advice.

"Practical CAN Bus Diagnostics"
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Re: can bus problem or software fault ?

Postby RonMcleod » Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:41 pm


Im not sure about what else is wrong with this but I can tell you having programmed a lot of these CIM's, I can tell they are not easy. I think you should start with a tech II and not a generic tool. When you go into the vehicle you are working on go into module presence check and it will find things that are not programmed correctly e.g. VIN, CAN HI, CAN MED and so on, just follow what the Tech II tells you is wrong and correct it.

I can tell you also that you may have to delete all keys and RESET the CIM and then try and program keys this has worked well for me.

I hope this helps

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